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Not everyone likes to use CCBill as a payment option, or their credit card was refused for some reason. PayPal is not an option as they do not allow the selling of any "adult" content and most other payment providers have similar clauses. So there is a round about solution, and that is an Amazon Gift Card. I use Amazon all the time, and especially for work related items like hard drives, lenses photography books, etc. So a few Amazon Gift Cards soon add up and will be just as useful as money in the bank as strange as it seems. It just offers an easy way for you to pay for the issue. So if you had no luck with CCBill then you just need to go to (must be the UK store) and then along the top it will say "Gift Cards". Then choose the E-mail option (you need to send to The price for each Issue is slightly higher as there is a bit more work involved because your login information will need to be manually added to the system. On the plus side, now is the chance to order more than one issue at a time, just make sure you mention in the message/comments section all the issues you want to purchase and the username and password you want for your login. Also make sure you add your email to the message/comments as well. Issue 9 and 15 are £7 each (they are bigger issues) and all the other issues are £5. So make sure to make the gift card out for the correct amount. If you want #3, #7, and #9 for example, you would send £17 (5+5+7). It's not a perfect solution but for 99% of customers CCBill seems to be working perfectly so this is just for those that want an option. Please also allow up to 12 hours (usually sooner) for your login details to be created and to have access to the issue(s).